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Dafuq!? Taco Bell Employee Caught With Hand Down His Pants (Photos)

What in the actual f*ck!

Soooo... the photo above is circulating around the internet showing a Taco Bell employee from Sandusky, Ohio, with his hand tucked in his pants. 

The photo was posted to Taco Bell's Facebook wall, prompting the fast food chain to issue this statement:

"This is completely unacceptable and has no place in our restaurants. Our franchisee took immediate action, and has terminated the employee and retraining the entire staff. We want customers to know that the person in the photo was never in contact with the food, and that the Health Department inspected the restaurant and approved its operations."

It's the company's duty to release a statement, but how do they know this person wasn't in contact with the food?? 

*major side eye*

And, this isn't the first time a Taco Bell employee was caught being shady. In 2013, another disgusting photo appeared on their Facebook page, showing an employing licking a huge stack of taco shells.

Well, there goes my appetite for Taco Bell.

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