Monday, September 28, 2015

'Flavor of Love 2' Star Deelishis Goes OFF on Haters, Says She Had Plastic Surgery Done

Chandra Davis a.k.a Deelishis - who is best known as the reality show contestant who won the Flavor of Love 2 show - recently posted a series of rants on her Instagram page.

Since the show aired in 2006, Deelishis has now become a radio personality for HOT 107.5 in Detroit, and she was rumored to be romantically linked to rapper Wiz Khalifa.

One thing people seem to question since her Flavor of Love 2 dayswas her change in appearance... whether or not she's had plastic surgery done to her face or skin bleaching. 

Well, the former reality star said she hasn't gotten a nose job and says it's contouring, a makeup trend that changes the appearance of your face (like making your cheekbones pop out or nose appear slimmer).

Deelishis admits to having some plastic surgery done, watch her hilarious rant below:


I thought the rant was so on point because it's always the ones with the private pages/no profile pic having asses that do the absolute MOST on social media!

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  1. Another desperate attempt to become relevant. Sad. This broad is pathetic. Keep trying to find your captain save a ho with your 40yr old groupie ass. We all know you'be had work done & you're fake...especially on your super fake butt. You got butt shots or fat transfer. Either way its not home grown & you're a fraud. Nice try attempting to convince people otherwise. On to the next ho. Time to put that one in a retirement home


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