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Funny 'Family Feud' Clip: Woman Admits to Selling Drugs

I saw this funny Family Feud clip on Instagram of a lady answering what she does for a living:

"Well, I'm a stay-at-home mom, but I'm about that money, so I do sell drugs..."

I was like, wait WHAT!? Like, no she didn't just admit that on TV! She kept it alllll the way real, lol.

Watch the Instagram clip as well as the full clip below:

A video posted by Ooooooo La La! (@ooolalablog) on

I had to Google the clip to see if there's more to it that I could watch. The contestants name is Vanessa and she's a busy stay at home mom. She sells drugs legally and she's a pharmacist which is the part cut off on Instagram.

Family Feud host Steve Harvey said Vanessa doesn't want us to know what she does for a living. He summed up what she does and said Vanessa sells weed, LOL!

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