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BOSS MOVES: Nicki Minaj Gets Her Own Show and Will Executive Produce It, Details Inside!

The barbz are in a frenzy as their leader Nicki Minaj revealed some ground breaking news earlier this morning.

Nicki will executive produce and appear in a new ABC Family comedy based on her life.

A pilot of the show will be filmed in Nicki's hometown of Queens this winter, with the intention to continue to series. 

The scripted comedy is “based on Minaj and her family’s immigration from Trinidad in the early 1990’s. It will focus on her growing up in Queens with her vibrant family and the personal and musical evolution that led to her eventual rise to stardom.” (via: Deadline)

Nicki posted on her Instagram earlier, "I am now launching a nation wide search to find #YoungNicki" 

[Photo: Instagram]

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