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President Obama Focuses on Black Women During Congressional Black Caucus Speech (Video)

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama attended the annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's awards dinner in Washington, D.C. on Saturday (Sept. 19) where the president spoke on a variety of issues such as women's rights.

During a short but hard hitting speech to African American leaders, Obama pushed for "greater focus on helping black women who are more likely to be stuck in minimum wage jobs, have higher rates of illness and face higher rates of incarceration than other women," according to the Washington Post.

"We have to do more than just say we care. Say we will put put our women on a $10 bill. Although, that's a good idea. We have to make sure they're getting some $10 bills. That they're getting paid properly. We have to let our actions to the talking," Obama told the crowd, which included Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Check out the video clip below:

[Photo: Twitter / Video: YouTube]

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