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Patti LaBelle Kicks Fan Off Stage For Attempting to Strip: "Get off my goddarn stage, bitch!" (Video)

Patti LaBelle is not to be played with!

Don't come with the shenanigans to a Patti LaBelle concert! The 71-year-old legendary soul singer is known for kicking her shoes off onstage, but this time she kicked a fan off!

Patti performed in Vancouver on Friday (Sept. 18) night and she kicked a fan off her stage for trying to strip during one of her songs. 

She stopped the music and said to the random guy, "Don't you dare! Not on my stage."

Patti continued and said, "Let me say something. Did I say I'm 71 years young. I am not Nicki Minaj or that little, umm... Miley."

The fan continued to dance and Patti got mad! She gave him a push and yelled at him, "Get off my god darn stage, bitch! And stay off."


After the fan got escorted off the stage by security, Patti talked to the crowd and called the fan rude. She said, he better not come in her face again!

Check out the full video footage below obtained by gossip site TMZ

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