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Amber Rose Brings Her Feminist SlutWalk Movement to Los Angeles (Video + Photos)

In support of women's rights, equality and personal choice, Amber Rose has organized an empowering event... the Amber Rose SlutWalk. 

The SlutWalk kicked off in Pershing Square in Los Angeles Saturday morning (Oct. 3) with hundreds of people marching through the streets of L.A. to protest against racism, sexism, and more ... and to also bring awareness and justice to the unacceptable actions deemed acceptable by society. 

The first SlutWalk movement began in 2011 in Toronto, Canada after a Toronto police officer suggested that "women should avoid dressing like sluts" as a precaution against sexual assault. Participants protest against this when referring to any aspect of a woman's appearance and call for an end to rape culture. 

The Wall of No Shame includes handwritten inspirational quotes for females... this is to let them know it's okay to be true to themselves

Even Amber Rose's mother got in on the action! Remember that "30 showers" comment made by Amber's ex, Kanye West? (If you missed that tea, click here!

Check out some more photo and video highlights from Amber Rose's SlutWalk below where the crowd can be heard screaming, "my pussy, my choice!"

This is Amber's SlutWalk promo:


Oh man! This guy was not about the SlutWalk movement:


Comedian Lil' Duval isn't feeling it either:

Check out more photos from Amber Rose's SlutWalk below:

Thoughts? Are you here for Amber Rose's SlutWalk movement?? Drop a comment below!

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