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'Bad Girls Club' Season 14 Reunion: Clermont Twins Say They Weren't Allowed to Attend + Sneak Peek of Part 2 Next Week!

Bad Girls Club season 14 was not that great of a season, let's be clear. Love them or hate them, but the Clermont Twins and their sidekick Jela MADE this season. When Jela, Shannon and Shannade were all kicked out after that whole altercation, the season just became extra wack, in my opinion. 

The first part of the reunion aired Tuesday night (Oct. 27) and it came to no surprise that the twins were not in attendance. 

Host of the reunion and muva of BGC, Tanisha Thomas, explained that the Clermont twins declined to come. Us viewers also saw the twins had their own dressing room with their name on it, which made it seem like they were welcomed, right?

Well, this is not the case. 

It seems as if the twins were banned from coming to the reunion and they released a statement on Instagram to set the record straight:

The twins and Jela had their property destroyed on the show by some of the other girls and the producers never stepped in to tell LaurenJasmineKathryn and Jenna, enough is enough. 

The twins spoke about that particular episode weeks ago and said, "I love how @oxygen down played this (not even hald of our things) please explain this. Destroyed to no return."

Destroyed property on the show
I also heard the twins threatened producers with a knife and this may be the reason they were banned from the reunion. If this was the case, why lie and make it seem like the twins were the ones who didn't want to show up at the reunion?

The BGC franchise needs to get it together! Season 15 is already filming (in the same house this season) and will feature sister duos on the show. Season 16 is currently casting and producers are looking for online famous people: Instafamous chicks, Vine famous, etc. 

What were your thoughts on part 1 of the reunion? Do you think the twins should have been invited? Drop a comment below!

If you missed the reunion, watch it HERE. Check out some sneak peeks of part 2 of the reunion below:

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  1. Yes I think the twins should have been allowed to come because them and Jela was the show! Once the left it got real corny real quick the girl from Philly didn't even represent us right and I was hype when I first saw her.... Like YES Philly is gonna knock bitches out and she did NOTHING. somebody should have punched Jasmine straight in her mouth cause she was a nut and never even had a voice until Jela and the twins left! @BGC You need to really take ownership on what happend to their belongings and shldv let them come on the reunion and really say and do what they wanted. I mean damn that was the least yal cld do for sitting and watching dumb bitches ruin their shit!!!

  2. Most definetly! They really should have bewn there. Its pathetic that they made it seem like they didn't want to go. That makes many people have respwct for petty actions like that.

  3. They are fronting because they were scared.

  4. What a bunch of whiny bitches. Don't get me wrong, they should've definitely been at the reunion. BGC flip flops too much on what their initial purpose of having these girls on the show is. They KNOW they're going to behave this way, in fact, they bank on it for their ratings. So why suddenly the PC approach? We sat our happy asses through all their drama and holier than though attitudes and we can't even finish watching the twins get their asses whooped? THAT's what's messed up.

    I can care less about the twins and their feelings because they clearly don't give a shit about anyone else but themselves. Women like them don't offer any real value except to serve as our entertainment (and not even a memorable one at that). Kind of like the twins from that one other season...what were their names? Dingy and Danny?

    Quiet frankly, the twins got what they deserved by the girls in the house....and I enjoyed watching it. I would've enjoyed seeing them at the show too but at last, seems the audience got robbed of that.

  5. I must say i hated the twins & Jela on the show but when they left the show died.this season was not poppin at all. Ima tryout for the show next time. Show yall wat real bad girls do


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