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'Being Mary Jane' Episode 3 Tackles Deep Issues: Ugly Truths, Suicide and Betrayal

Being Mary Jane Recap: Episode "Sparrow" 

Wow, what an extremely emotional episode of Being Mary Jane for many of us to watch last night. I watched the episode twice and cried both times watching it. 

The third episode of BMJ began with Lisa (Latarsha Rose) home alone... showing her eating dinner, she looks in the mirror at herself in the bathroom as she stood naked before showering, afterwards she put on a dress, sat on her bed, grabbed her glass of red wine, and then Lisa swallowed three bottles of prescription pills. Her body was then left laid out across her bed with foam coming out of her mouth. 

Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) hears the devastating news from Niecy while she's at work. David tried calling her, but MJ ignored his calls. When MJ finally checks her phone, she realizes she has a number of missed calls, including many from Lisa. Lisa actually called MJ the night before she killed herself. Now, MJ is left to arrange Lisa's funeral.

We learn more about Lisa's life after she committed suicide. Lisa dealt with many deep rooted issues: she was bipolar, she had relationship issues, and her stepfather molested her for several years when she was little. Lisa hadn't talked to her family in 15 years and lived with that pain everyday of her life as MJ revealed during Lisa's eulogy. 

MJ also blasted Lisa's stepfather, who had thee nerve to show up at the funeral, and she let everyone know Lisa's ugly truth while exposing the molestation allegations. 

And, Lisa's mother cried throughout the rest of the service. But, what's even more sad, is the fact that her mother stayed with the stepdad! I'm guessing this is what broke up their family and this is why Lisa felt alienated and didn't speak with her family for all those years. 

The episode was so raw, so real. Gabrielle Union played the hell out of that role last night and Lisa's eulogy was very well said. She deserves an Emmy award for this show! Kudos to the entire cast and the writers.

MJ had to face her ex, David
She told him to take responsibility for his actions as well

I'm also glad the BMJ writers decided to touch base on the whole mythology behind "black people don't commit suicide" and show how suicide is not a weakness, it's an illness. 

I'm upset Lisa took the easy way out. Instead of just giving MJ her space and waiting for her scars to heal, Lisa killed herself. MJ just needed time to deal with the betrayal from her friend and ex, David (who actually found Lisa's body).  

Lisa dealt with a lot of issues, way before she met MJ. It was a battle within herself and unfortunately she just gave up. 

While giving Lisa's eulogy, MJ said, she feels lying is what killed her friend and she closed out the service with these words: 

"Just make sure that you tell everyone that you love, that you will love them, no matter how ugly their truth is."

Many fans showed their support and love of the show on social media last night. 

Latarsha Rose (Lisa) commented on her Instagram page: 

"Wow, I'm so thankful for the outpouring of love. So appreciate all the support. Let's keep the conversation alive with our friends and family. 💛💜💛 have a wonderful day y'all!"

Gabrielle Union posted a picture of Latarsha on her Instagram as her woman crush for WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday): 

I absolutely LOVE Being Mary Jane! What were your thoughts on last night's episode? Feel free to drop a comment below! 

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Watch the full third episode HERE

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