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B.o.B is Out Here Pulling Publicity Stunts to Get Laid! + Confirms Breakup With Sevyn Streeter

Rapper B.O.B is a hot mess!

On Thursday (Oct. 8), hip hop artist B.o.B announced on his Instagram page that he is newly single, he's no longer dating singer Sevyn Streeter.

But, this news followed after some drama. First, B.o.B posted an image on Instagram showing off the back of a young woman bending over while he holds the camera, puffing on a cigar. He also added a peach emoji in his caption:

While many of us thought the woman was Sevyn, we later learned the young woman in the photo was a chick named Briteady. 

B.o.B got outed for pulling a publicity stunt and possibly trying to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. 

The woman, Briteady, leaked text messages between her and the rapper (she later deleted them) as in an attempt to clear her name. Her posts show B.o.B contacted her to act like they're dating which would give them both exposure. 

"What up Brit?" B.o.B allegedly wrote. "I'd like to discuss some cross branding with you if you're interested." 
"I'm interested," she replied. "Let's work."

In addition, the woman's friend also called B.o.B out and gave more details about Briteady being contacted. 
"It's funny how B.o.B contacted my friend randomly on IG and wanted her to go along with a publicity stunt as if they were dating," wrote the friend. 
"He convinced her that it would be good publicity for her business, when all along he was just trying to make himself more relevant."
Damn! Check out the rest of the screenshots below and the video of B.o.B:

It wasn't too long until B.o.B posted two videos himself confirming this was all true... because, he was busted and people were dragging him on social media for the publicity stunt. 

He went on to say he was single and he made some sort of a deal with Briteady where now she owes him sex in exchange for all of this!

Damn shame, smh. B.o.B is out here making deals to get laid! 


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