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Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Growing Baby Bump, Says She's Done Tweeting About Her Pregnancy: "Get Out Of My Uterus!"

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend just announced last week they are expecting their first child. 

The model posted the above photo showing off her growing baby bump and captioned the pic, "early to the party." Comments started pouring in from fans questioning her, asking how did her stomach grow so fast. Some even speculated that she's growing twins or maybe even triplets! 

"I can see the damn thing," Chrissy responded, "get out of my uterus!"

Chrissy ultimately decided she will not tweet anymore about her pregnancy:

Welp. There goes that! Just five days ago, Chrissy posted the photo below on her Instagram page, leaving people to question how did her bump get so big, so fast. 

Chrissy Teigen posted this picture of herself on Instagram just five days ago (Oct. 14)
saying she celebrated 50 years of La Mer the night before at Siren Studios

Chrissy continued tweeting and said:

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