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Disgusting: Video Shows a South Carolina Officer Body Slamming a High School Student

On Monday (Oct. 26), a video showing a white South Carolina sheriff assaulting a black female high school student swept over the internet and social media. 

Ben Fields, the assaulting officer, is shown on video in a violent confrontation at Spring Valley High School where he grabs the student, slams her back to the ground, then he drags the student and tosses her to the front of the classroom. Other students and the teacher watched the violence unfold, and luckily, someone was able to capture the evidence on video.  

The confrontation reportedly started over the student refusing to leave the classroom. According to the Daily News, a teacher caught the student using her cellphone in math class. The student was later told she was under arrest for disturbing the school.

Many people have expressed their outrage on social media after watching this video and seeing the amount of force the officer used. Many also question, if the student was white, would the officer violently arrest her like that? 

The hashtag #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh started trending within hours of the classroom arrest. 

The FBI for South Carolina and the U.S. Justice Department will reportedly conduct an independent investigation of the incident. And, Deputy Ben Fields is not allowed back at any school. He is currently not working for the department, pending the results of the investigation. 

Watch the disturbing video footage below:

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