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Funny Ish: August Alsina is Unbothered in His Robe, Funny Memes Surface Because of This Photo...

August Alsina is unbothered and standing pretty, not a care in the world in his latest Instagram post...

The R&B star posted the photo below of himself standing at the bottom of a staircase in a long robe, showing off his tatted chest, wearing black socks and some mess on top of his head (is that his hair? Lol). The picture was captioned, "no love lost, no love found."

August is standing there like, "hark! who goes there?" Hahaaa! 

Well, the photo surely has people talking! Check out these hilarious memes of the singer:

Not with TLC chasing waterfalls! Hahaa!

Okay, but all jokes aside... August also recently tweeted to his fans about having surgery and said:

A couple of months back, August revealed he was dealing with medical problems with his vision. Hopefully everything is going okay with him. 

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The 23-year-old singer seems to be doing fine, and he also has a sense of humor because he reposted one of the funny robe memes on his page:

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