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K. Michelle Goes Topless For National No Bra Day, Clapsback at Fan (Photos)

Ladies, if you really like a certain piece of clothing - jeans, a shirt, tights, etc. - and if it fits and hugs your curves RIGHT, do you buy more than one? 

Well, K. Michelle does... in fact, she'll buy 10 if she really likes it!

The singer, who recently moved to London, posted a couple photos showing off her ripped jeans, Top Shop Jamie Jeans, while posing topless yesterday for National No Bra Day (Oct. 13), a day raising awareness for breast cancer. 

K. Michelle poses for National No Bra Day
Well, a fan decided to throw some shade underneath K's post, saying the singer is always posting photos wearing the same pair of jeans. 

And, this "fan" obviously din't read K's caption where the singer clearly states, "I have like 10 pair of the same jean, because I can't fit anything else." 

Peep the comment and K's clapback below where she responds saying she'll wear whatever the f*ck she wants and calls the person a "bird brain basic bum."

LOL! She basically called the chick basic. But, wait...

... I shop at Forever 21! Does that make me basic too?? LOL!

K. Michelle just really loves the ripped jean look. I might even try out a pair of these Top Shop jeans, check out more of K's looks below:

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