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New Music: Chris Brown Admits His Past Mistakes in New Song "Sorry," Listen to the Full Song!

Chris Brown says he's sorry in a new song he's featured on with Rick Ross. In the snippet of "Sorry" below, we can hear Chris admit his past mistakes as he sings:

"Girl after girl, mistake after mistake
I tried to change but they always around, pulling me down in bed 
Gave you my word but they were just broken promises 
Broken condoms, lipstick marks and unprotected sex 
I feel like sh*t, you know I ain't sh*t, sorry"

Damn! Ya'll already know he's singing that to his ex, Karrueche Tran! 

"One of the most honest records I've done in a while," Breezy posted on Instagram. "I appreciate Ross for allowing me to be me on a record and speak from the heart."

Check out the full song below!

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