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Ratchet Tales: Read This Crazy 'Zola Story' That Has Taken Over Twitter!

If you haven't already read the Zola story, take a break at work, school or wherever you are and check this out! 

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Zola has caused quite the stir on social media by posting 150 tweets detailing her story of when she went to Florida and was involved in stripping, prostitution, pimps, drugs, murder and overall craziness! This story is supposedly based on true events.

Zola starts off tweeting, asking her followers if they want to hear a story about how her and another woman (Jess) fell out. 

Zola unknowingly becomes Jess’s madam (a woman whom she just met while working at Hooters) and she partners with the pimp, Z. 

Zola on Instagram
Zola deleted the story off her Twitter account, but not before word spread around and screenshots were taken (you know, nothing is ever really deleted off the internet). 

Zola tied up the story at the end and thanked her followers who read the whole thing. “If you stick with that whole story you are hilarious lol,” 

Twitter fans were so moved by this story that Zola's name became a top-trending topic Wednesday (Oct. 28) and many blogs, media publications and some celebs are talking about it. There's even talk of turning this into a movie!

Read through the full Twitter novel HERE on Storify.  

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