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Rick Ross Brings Up His Beef With 50 Cent, Clowns Him For Filing Bankruptcy, Defends Meek Mill Against Drake

Rick Ross recently visited Angie Martinez to discuss rap beefs that currently surround him, mainly the Meek Mill and Drake beef, plus his own with 50 Cent. 

When Angie said the perception is Drake won the battle, Rich stated:

"You gotta understand, perception isn't always what it is...I was perceived once to be losing to an artist or in a battle, I tripled my worth, less than 12 months. So when you a person with my experience, it's a lot of good things that come from this." 

He added, "That was light work." 

Rick does give Drake his props and says Meek Mill will be dropping some "phenomenal" music. 

Rozay drew comparisons from his own beef with 50 Cent and revealed he's responsible for starting the beef with 50: 

"I initiated it. See that's what y'all don't know."

The rapper then started talking about 50's finances and said:

"You think Jay-Z woulda filed bankruptcy? You think Puff woulda filed bankruptcy?" He asked Angie. 

"Bankruptcy, that's when it's everything you ever worked for. That's your name, that's your brand, you walking away from him."

Rozay continued:

"I'm not gon' speak on another man's pockets, that's not my job, but everything a man worked for. All you got as a man is your name. Get Rich or Die Tryin' and now you bankrupt. You could come back here tomorrow and explain it and say 'I'm doing this, I'm doing that.' Stop, stop, there's holes in your roof, fam."

Welp! How long do you think it'll be before 50 Cent, the King of Petty Land, responds? Lol. 

Yesterday, Rick Ross was a guest on The Breakfast Club and pointed out that Meek is now in the position to make the best music of his career. He said Meek overcame a lot of obstacles to be in the position he’s in now. 

During this interview, we also see Rick's new fiancé, Lira Galore and the two touch on their engagement, rumors of a reality show and more. 

Check out both interviews below:

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