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SMH: The Fake Butt Trend is Making People Forget What a REAL Body Looks Like

Our society is f*cked. 

A couple of days ago, R&B singer Fantasia posted a beach photo of her on vacation showing off her body in a bikini. 

I read through some of the comments under her photo and comments under other Instagram blog pages who reposted the photo, and I was disgusted with what some people were saying about her body. Some comments read: "it's too much," "she looks like a man," "she's fat," etc. 

Today's society is so used to seeing fake bubble asses paired with non-matching stick thighs that a lot of people are starting to forget what a REAL body looks like! 

These big ol' fake (and sometimes droopy) bubble butt's (which to me, look absolutely disgusting and not natural) are distorting people's minds

A lot of these chicks are all starting to look like carbon copies of each other: huge looking diaper butts with the tiniest, most unnatural looking waist. I'm sorry, but that's not cute.

Then, young girls feel like these diaper booty chicks are the women they are supposed to look like. NO! Embrace your NATURAL curves. 

It's okay NOT to be a size 2, it's okay NOT to have plump ass, and it's okay to have thick, NATURAL thighs. 

Chicks are out here risking their lives, getting botched boob/ass jobs, SMH. It's not worth it. 

Also, props to artists like Rihanna for being proud of her small chest and normal looking ass and not feeling the need to get butt injections or a boob job.

I think Fantasia's body is HAWT! Shout out to all the natural ladies with the thick thighs, go us! We're beautiful just the way we are. 💕 

Look at some of these comments of people going back and forth under Fantasia's photo. I screenshot some of the negative and positive comments:

Also, check out this message about big butts via rapper Trick Daddy that I posted weeks ago on my Instagram page:


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