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The Cover Art For Rihanna's New Album 'ANTI' is Revealed ... Details + Pics Inside!

Soooooo FINALLY we're getting one step closer to this mystery forthcoming album that Rihanna will be releasing sometime hopefully in the near future.

For starters, her eighth upcoming studio album will not be named R8 like everyone has been calling it. The official name of the new album is entitled ANTI.

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Rihanna's cover artwork for her new album ANTI 
with artwork by Roy Nachum, unveiled at Los Angeles' Mama gallery Wednesday (Oct. 7)

This is what we know so far: according to FADERwho attended a private viewing for RiRi's album artwork in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (Oct. 7), the front and back of the album cover will feature poetry by Chloe Mitchell inscribed in braille.

However, there's still no release date set for the album. 

Check out more below!

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