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Celebs Tackle Racial Issues In America At 'Shining A Light' Concert: Watch John Legend, Jill Scott & Nicki Minaj

John Legend and Pink teamed up for a performance of “Someday We’ll All Be Free" at the Shining A Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America which aired on A&E Nov. 20th.

The Shining A Light concert is an event held for progress on race in America. Artists of all races and backgrounds came together and sang while raising money for organizations and individuals that are working toward racial justice and equality, and eliminating bias.

Celebs like Pharrel Williams, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Bruce Springsteen and many more performed at the event which was
 spurred by the Emanuel AME church shooting in Charleston, S.C. 

John Legend also recently did an interview with USA Today and recalled a time in college when he was profiled by police: 

Q: You've spoken about how racism is codified on an institutional level, but was there a point where you experienced discrimination on an individual level?

A: (In college) I used to get asked to show my ID to get in my car because they suspected I might be trying to steal my own car. And to me, in the story of my life, that's a minor thing, but for some people that interaction goes wrong and you read about them on the news. And the fact that black men have to deal with that level of suspicion at all times, no matter if they're Ivy League or what — you know I'm an Ivy League student going to school in West Philadelphia and they treat me like a criminal. That level of suspicion that's attached to all of us because of our skin color is a heavy burden to carry all the time. And because of that, there's often a lot of mistrust and there's a lot of resentment that we see boil over sometimes into these uprisings.

Read his full interview HERE

Watch some of the Shining A Light performances below:

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