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Dafuq!? Woman Rips Infant From Mom’s Womb, Passes Child Off As Her Own

The mother-to-be, Angelikque Sutton
What... in.... the... hell!? This story is crazy and just sad...

A young Bronx woman who was desperate to have a child on Friday (Nov. 20) slit the throat of a nine-months-pregnant woman, carved the live baby out of her belly and then maniacally proclaimed that she had just given birth, according to a story by The New York Post.
“It’s my baby!” Ashleigh Wade allegedly insisted to cops arriving at the blood-soaked scene, where the placenta and umbilical cord from the gutted woman laid on the floor.
The woman who stole the baby, Ashleigh Wade
The police officers were called to Wade’s home in Wakefield at around 2:20 p.m. by her boyfriend, Angel Praylow, who had been summoned by Wade to the scene of the grisly slaying.
The woman who was cut open was later pronounced dead. The baby survived. 
Read the full story over here at the New York Post. 

[Source / Photos: NY Post]
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