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DAFUQ!? Woman Eats Bread Made From Her Own Vaginal Yeast

Warning: This Is Some Gross Ish!

Feminist British blogger Zoe Stavri decided to come up with her very own special sourdough mix to make bread. 

She recently came down with a yeast infection and decided to make sourdough with her vaginal juices, with the help of a dildo, according to Cosmopolitan

She shared her story on a blog post and the end results, saying:

"The moment you've all been waiting for is here. I baked my cunt sourdough bread."

And, Zoe said the bread tasted fine and she isn't worried about getting sick from eating her own vaginal yeast. 

"Was I worried about tasting it? No. Any pathogens which may have been in the sourdough starter probably couldn't survive being blasted at 230°C. If they could, then good for them. They deserve to infect me. 


[Photos: Twitter]

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