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Diddy and Jennifer Lopez Look All Cute While Partying At The AMA's After Party (Photos)

Remember when Diddy and Jennifer Lopez dated back in the early 2000's?

Ah, those were the days... the Puff Daddy days.  

Well, these friendly exes look like they were having a grand ol' time last night at JLo's private American Music Awards after party in West Hollywood, California. 

The two 46 year old's had huge smiles on their faces and you can't help but look at them and say 'aww, they were cute together!' 

The American Music Awards host dated Puffy when he was arrested on those weapon violation charges back in New York in 1999. He was later found not guilty. 

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The two broke up because Diddy supposedly cheated on her. 

JLo's 28-year-old boo thang, Casper Smart was right by her side at the after party. And, Diddy has been dating 29-year-old singer, Cassie, for awhile now. 

But, that didn't stop Diddy from giving a shoutout to his ex:

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