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Drunk Bonding With Women In The Bathroom And Why We Should Act Like This Everyday

A typical club night...

When I have to pee, one of my friends must come along with me on this bathroom adventure... I don't know why, but us chicks head to the bathroom in groups or in pairs which is a typical unspoken rule for women. If the club is crowded just grab my hand, follow me, and let's go! 

Going to the restroom at a club/bar is a freakin' mission and it's always nice to have someone to chat with. I may also need my bestie to hold on to (well, we hold on to each other) while wobbling around in these six inch heels.

While I'm in the restroom, I start thinking a lot:

"Why did I wear these uncomfortable ass shoes? They are cute though, oww!"

"Am I buzzed already!? I think I'm feeling myself."

"I need to get my life together... I'm definitely going to the gym tomorrow." (That doesn't happen, lol)

"I'm finding me a husband to dance with tonight... oh wait, I have a man already... shit, I forgot."

I also seem to have the worst luck when using the restroom... either the door doesn't lock or there's no toilet paper in my stall. Ughh! Well, good thing I have my bestie around to guard the door or pass me some tissue. 

Never sit on the toilet, no matter how drunk you are.
Let's get those squats in, ladies! 

Public Restrooms Provide This Bonding Experience, Time For Girl Talk!

If all women could get along, support one another and bond like we do in the bathroom at a club/bar, the world would be a much better place, lol. I'm so serious!

Those drunken club moments in a woman's bathroom are the best!

Do you know how many compliments I've gotten from women in the bathroom while either waiting in a long line to pee (why does the line always have to be so long!?), while washing my hands or checking my hair/makeup in the mirror... everyone is so nice and the compliments just start pouring out. 

"Girlll... I LOVE those shoes!"

"That outfit is so cute, where'd you get it!?" ... And, yes, I will tell you where I bought my outfit (if I can remember) and I won't hold out on you. I'm not THAT chick. 

I even had one woman tell me how flawless my skin was after I was splashing water on my face. She thought I was messing up my foundation and when I told her I wasn't wearing any, she was shocked at how nice my skin was, lol.

It's little moments and convos like this that go down in the woman's restroom. I know firsthand because I'm the peepee head of the group (yup, I own that title). I literally have to use the bathroom like once an hour on the hour... I have pee on reserve, the shit is like clockwork... grandma bladder. 

I also like to take this bathroom time to stare in the mirror and get my shit together. When I'm feeling tired, hungry, or when I feel like I'm already tipsy but I still have the rest of the night ahead of me to get through... I look at myself and say:


Don't act like you don't talk to yourself and become your own cheerleader when you're drunk, lol. I know I'm not alone!

Anyways, the point of this post was to say this... the world is a much better place inside that little public restroom at a bar/club while waiting around with a bunch of women.

Ladies, let's always act like we're in that bathroom. Don't be stingy with compliments. If you see a fly chick, don't hate... tell her her outfit is cute or whatever. You know us women not only dress up and go all out for guys, but we also dress up for other women. 

I'm so bold and outspoken, if I see someone rocking something cute, I'm not afraid to pay them a compliment. Trust me, compliments go a long way and will put a smile on her face. 

So, happy Saturday to all my fly chicks out there! If you go out tonight, hopefully your bathroom experience is as good as mine. 

Let's uplift each other and make each other feel good. Girl power! #BOOM!

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