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Erykah Badu Discusses Her New Mixtape, Twitter Beef With Azealia Banks & More!

Erykah Badu interviewed with Power 105,1's The Breakfast Club where she discussed her new mixtape, why her baby daddy's are all so talented, working with Drake, her breakup with Common, and her short-lived Twitter feud with rapper Azealia Banks.

Erykah said the tweets with Azealia were taken way too seriously. 

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"I think sometimes if we're not careful we let people instigate is into some kind of weird situation. Like, it's the people areound who are repeating it and retweeting. I didn't even know she was gonna read it. That's the way it is. I was just saying some sh*t, really. Now I got some hardcore a** b*tch after me. I didn't try to do that. Now I'm peeping around corners everywhere I go." 

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Erykah also discussed how her biggest hit Tyrone came around. Check out the full interview below!

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