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'Home Alone' Turns 25 Today! Let's Reminisce On This Classic Holiday Movie

One of the greatest Christmas movies, ever...

Happy 25th anniversary to Home Alone! I'm over here feeling old as hell and thinking, where has the time gone!?

A True Classic

Home Alone first opened in theaters Nov. 16, 1990. This film is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time (well, I actually like Home Alone 2 better). 

Let's reminisce and take a stroll down memory lane:

What '90s kid didn't want this cool Talkboy toy after watching this movie?
The dream as a kid... to eat, watch and do what you want with no rules and no parents around

Party time! Kevin was super excited to have the house to himself
The way Kevin talked to his mother would have never been tolerated in my household, lol.

Remember when Kevin says he rather kiss a toilet seat than apologize to his family for his behavior 
Overall, Kevin tries to be responsible during his alone time.
What kid goes food shopping!?

Kevin also taught us, don't talk to strangers!
Remember that nosy cashier he bumped into at the grocery store?
He tries more adult things... like shaving, although he has no facial hair, lol
Who can forget the classic bad guys, The Sticky Bandits, who got outsmarted by a kid

Then there was old man Marley, Kevin's older neighbor who seemed creepy at first but he turned out to be very nice, and he also saved Kevin from the bad guys.
Kids seem to have an overactive imagination, like Kevin.
Perhaps one of my favorite lines from the movies, when Kevin messes around with the pizza guy
They should've added in the movie: Don't Try This At Home!
Because I did and failed miserably, lol
What did Kevin's sister call him? Les Incompetents 
... incompetent, an idiot basically
And, there was Buzz, the older brother from hell

Buzz, your girlfriend! WOOF!

When the fun was over and done, Kevin realizes he misses his family.
There's nothing more important than being with the ones you love during the holidays.
One of the original trailers:

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