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Trending News: Patti LaBelle's Pies Are Selling Out In Store Thanks To This Guy!

James Wright a.k.a "The Patti Pie Man" has turned into an internet sensation and is sweeping over the internet after uploading a YouTube video reviewing one of Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pies. 

As he's eating the pie, James hilariously starts singing some of her popular songs and says, "you turn into Patti after eating this!" 

James now has over 2 million views on YouTube and counting since uploading his review just last week!

The YouTube star recorded the video on his phone, uploaded it on social media and one week later Patti's pies are now selling out in stores! 

Also, I was watching TV last night and who do I see on my TV? James! He was featured on FOX news where he revealed he got a call from the legendary singer herself, Ms. Patti! 

Patti should hire him as a part of her marketing team. He should also get a cut of the money, hunh? 

Not bad for a YouTube review!

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