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Zero Chill! How Social Media Reacted to Gabourey Sidibe's Love Scene on 'Empire'

Social media erupted with jokes after last night's episode of Empire aired. 

Gabourey Sidibe who plays the character Becky was shown on the rooftop with an afterglow after doing the do with some almost naked dude (her love interest was played by actor Mo McRae)

In the scene, we see Becky on a rooftop and the guy is on top of her. Becky says she's got to get some sleep after their love making and the dude offers her some encouraging words before her first meeting with her new boss, Andre Lyon. 

Mind you, Gabourey and Mo McRae are not naked in the scene. He just has his shirt off and we see her leg wrap around him, watch below:

As I was thinking, Becky is getting it IN and finally getting some love, I saw not all viewers were thinking the same thing as me.

Gabourey quickly became the joke of many memes and tweets. Some viewers even went as far as saying they were "disgusted" after watching the scene:


Damn, cold world! 

I don't see the problem with a fuller-figured girl getting some, go Becky! Everybody needs some lovin'!

Gabourey tweeted about her love scene:


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