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#AskBadu: Erykah Badu Offers Relationship Advice, Apologizes To Iggy Azalea & Puts Common's Foot Massage Skills On Blast

Muva Erykah Badu has been very generous to her fans with giving out the number to her burner phone, inviting them to her private listening party, and now she's answering questions on Twitter.

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During her #AskBadu Twitter session, the songstress answered many questions from her fans, like what's the best way to get over a relationship? She responded:

“My best advice for moving on in a relationship is you gotta go all the way through it, you know? If you’re not — if you don’t want to let go yet — keep on calling and getting hung up on him. Keep on following him around and getting embarrassed. When you get tired enough, you’ll evolve, I promise. But you gotta go all the way through it. You gotta get your weave snatched out a couple of times. You gotta keep moving, go through it. You’ll evolve. It’ll happen.” 
Check out more of the questions and her responses below:

Here is where she blasts Common, lol: 

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