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Karrueche Explains Why She Wears The Ring Her Ex Chris Brown Gave Her And Why It's On Her Ring Finger

Karrueche Tran will always and forever be tied to her ex, Chris Brown, hunh?

Well, some started questioning why she's rocking that big 'ol expensive diamond ring on her ring finger, ya know, the one Chris gave her as an apology gift... the same ring that sparked engagement rumors around this time last year.

Well, Karrueche put a stop to all the new rumors and explained why she's still rocking the ring.

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Gossip site The YBF, posted a story about it and Karrueche responded on their Instagram page, saying she wears the ring on her ring finger to keep the men away. 

Check out Kae's full response below:

Ha! I feel her though because I've totally done that too! Sometimes, us women just don't want to be bothered and the easiest way to wave off men is flashing a ring and acting like you're married.

And, why wouldn't she rock that huge diamond... shoot, I sure as hell would!

Karrueche pictured in Miami Beach over the weekend

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