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'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Reunion (Part 2) Recap: Omarion & Apryl Quit The Show, The Real Reason Jason Lee Threw That Drink In Hazel E's Face, Fights Break Out & More!

Quick Recap! My thoughts on part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season 2 reunion:

Milan & Miles

So, Milan Christopher was going to propose to Miles Brock, but says Miles cheated on him with another dude!? Chile! Milan left the ring on the stage floor and Miles kicked that shit into the audience... I hope it was fake, lol. Welp, I guess it's safe to say their relationship is over.

Moniece, Rich Dollaz, Brandi & Shanda

Moniece Slaughter was TIGHT throughout the entire reunion after everyone came after her ass. Brandi and Shanda were arguing with her and ready to fight over Moniece's parenting skills... or lack thereof. 

Backstage, grandpa Richie Dollaz had to calm Moniece down. 

Moniece Slaughter hit us with the 

"until you do right by me..." Celie pose, LOL!

Notice how quiet Moniece was afterwards, she didn't even talk for the rest of the reunion or answer any questions. I almost felt bad for her... almost, lol.

I say about 85% of Love & Hip Hop is fake, but hey, it's entertaining
and keeps me tuning in for more each season

Soulja Boy & Them

I'm so sick of these dumb girls fighting over this fool Soulja Boy. NiaRiley is dumb, I don't care. She obviously likes getting cheated on and sat right there while home girl said she recently slept with Soulja two months ago, smh. One minute Soulja loves Nia and then the next minute he's calling her a bitch. Damn shame. And, did you notice... Soulja seemed HIGH as hell, lol. He stays showboating off his money like he always has something to prove. He needed to calm his ass down on that stage, hyped for no reason. 

Hazel E., Jason Lee & Teairra Mari

Hazel E.'s storyline expired last season after Yung Berg left... Sooo, yea. And, she knows she's scared of Teairra Mari and that's why she befriended her ass again. Better a friend than an enemy ... couldn't be me. Teairra yelled out before that she hopes Hazel dies, smh. Such a fake friendship.

Also, the Hollywood blogger Jason Lee, who was on the show for a hot second, discussed the real reason why he threw a drink in Hazel E.'s face. He said, what viewers didn't see was that Hazel tried to shade him and said he was gay, fat and sleeping with someone who didn't come out yet (this person is rumored to be actor Tahj Mowry which was revealed back in October). Jason was still wrong for throwing that drink in her face though. Also, both of them quit the show back in September. 

Ray J, Princess Love & Brandi

Ray J was a preacher tonight and shit because he didn't wanna say anything wrong. He knows Princess Love is crazy as hell.

Also, I was still very annoyed by Brandi's Halloween outfit.

Omarion & Apryl Say Deuces

After all this drama, I was just thinking... this is why Omarion and Apryl Jones didn't even bother to show up and why they're not coming back for season 3. They're good now with that B2K type of cash flowing in again from Omarion's resuscitated music career. I loved these two on the show, they were one of the realest couples on there, but their story line was drying up. Plus, their cute baby boy, Megaa, didn't even make an appearance on this season.

Anyways, I'm so over this Hollywood season. Bring on Love & Hip Hop New York! Yasss, I'm ready to watch Remy Ma and Cardi B. on my screen!