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'Love & Hip Hollywood' Reunion Recap (Part 1) + Watch The #LHHNY Season 6 Extended Trailer!

Reunion (Part 1) Quick Recap

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season 2 reunion kicked off Monday night (Nov. 30) and here are my thoughts of part 1:

- Brandi a.k.a Lil' B is too damn extra and I hope she's not on next season. Her Halloween outfit bothered me, lol. She's trying really hard though to keep her spot on the show! 


- Brandi's husband, Max, skipped the dentist again this year. 

- Moniece and grandpa Richie announced they are no longer together, but they know damn well they needed each other for a story line, BYE! + I'm over her tears. 

- I like Lil' Fizz's ex, Kamiah, she's the realist and got them hands. And, he needs to chill out with calling women appetizers. 

- Omarion got that good money again (like the B2K days) from "Post To Be," so his ass didn't need to make an appearance at the reunion, lol.

- I like Miles, he seems real. But, Milan irks the shit outta me, he comes across as phony. 

- Ray J sat there and played dumb, lol he knows he sells stories to stay relevant (I still look at him as Brandy's brother, boy bye!) + Him and Princess confirmed their engagement which we already knew weeks ago as previously posted (see here!).

Craziest clapback: 

- Looking at Teairra on the reunion, it doesn't look like she had any plastic surgery done, bless her heart, no shade + Teairra didn't even move to help out her "friend" Moniece when Shanda and Brandi ran up on her, smh. 

- I can't wait to see Willie's ol' gangsta wife, Shanda, and Brandi run up onstage to Moniece next week on part 2.

- Bless Nina Parker for hosting that reunion, she did her thing.

- And, did you realize, no one gives AF about SouljaBoy and Nia... they just disappeared towards the end anyways, oh well. And, Soulja looked high as hell! Lol. 

LHH reunion looks

Love & Hip Hop New York Extended Trailer

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