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Nicki Minaj Blasts Dr. Miami For Insinuating She's Had Plastic Surgery

Is Nicki Minaj #Meeking or nah?

Popular plastic surgeon, Dr. Miami, uploaded a series of recent Snapchat and showed different celeb photos of who he was inspired by along of with their supposed signatures. 
In the Snapchats, Jessica Simpson, Megan Fox, Whitney Houston, Nicki Minaj and many more were shown. This led some of Nicki's fans, a.k.a "barbz" to believe that Dr. Miami performed cosmetic surgery on their leader. 
After fans of Nicki started tweeting about Dr. Miami's Snapchats, Nicki caught wind of it and blasted the doctor for his post. She also claimed she has no idea who he was:
"People stoop to the lowest lows for social media," Nicki tweeted. "Yikes. For the record, I'm unfamiliar with him, his office, location."

Well... Dr. Miami did say inspiration in the video numerous times. 

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