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Priest Suspended For Crusing Up The Aisle's On A Hoverboard In Church (Video)

More playing than praying?

Hoverboard's are everywhere nowadays and the new hot toy seemed like this year's IT Christmas gift. But, when and where are they not acceptable to use? Hmm ... maybe during a church service is not acceptable?

Well, a priest in the Philippines didn't seem to mind gliding on his hoverboard during Christmas Eve Mass. 

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According to an article from USA Today, one of the priests at the Diocese of San Pablo sang a Christmas song, while going up and down the aisles of the church on a hoverboard, as a way to greet the congregation on Dec. 24. 

This priest was also suspended for using the hoverboard. 
Statement of the Diocese of San Pablo on the “Hoverboard” IssueThe Diocese of San Pablo wishes to address an issue...
Posted by The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Pablo on Monday, December 28, 2015

Members of the congregation took a handful of videos which are posted on YouTube. Watch below:

Thoughts? Was it wrong to suspend the priest 
for just riding a hoverboard in church? 

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