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Rich Dollaz' Baby's Mother Airs Him Out, Again! Says He Doesn't Claim All His Kids

Rich Dollaz' baby's mother, Chaundrea Nicolle, continues to air him out! Is Rich showing favoritism towards his kids?

On this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop New York, we were introduced to Rich's 16-year-old, Ashley, and her mother, Miracle. 

It seems like his daughter Ashley will be living with him for two years, and Rich also found out his daughter is not a virgin anymore. 

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But, it seems like Chaundrea Nicolle, the mother of Rich's other daughter, Christian, is not here for it.

She called out Rich on Instagram recently and posted a video of him and Ashley. Chaundrea says Rich is giving special treatment to some of his kids while ignoring her daughter's phone calls. 
She then said Rich is using a: “big platform to tell your lies, create fake stories and lie like you are a good dad when you aren’t!”

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Chaundrea posted this message a couple of weeks ago
After the LHHNY episode aired on Monday, Chaundrea posted a video asking people to stop calling her and asking if that's her daughter on the show.

"It is not my daughter, my daughter is still a virgin, my daughter does not even see her father...," Chaundrea says in the video below. 

Also, check out Rich and Chaundrea's daughter, Christian, below explaining how she's lacking the love from her own father (starting around the 5 minute mark):

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