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OG Maco Denies HIV/AIDS Rumors, But This Woman Claims He's Infecting People (Video & Screenshots Inside!)

Rapper OG Maco, who is known for his 2014 hit "U Guessed It," was the subject of some serious rumors early this morning (Dec. 23).

Numerous rumors have spread across the internet that OG Maco is dying from HIV or AIDS.

This afternoon, Maco released a statement via Instagram denying that he is living with any sort of "degenerative or deadly disease." 

"Despite the vicious rumors, I am in fine health and have no degenerative or deadly diseases." 

Watch his video below:

In the full leaked audio below, a female (supposedly who goes by the name of "La La") calls the man on the other end of the convo "Ben."

Maco's real name is Maco Mattox, but according to some people on the internet, Ben might have been Maco's past nickname or stage name. 

Listen to the full leaked audio call below:

So, what cruel person would release audio of someone pouring their heart out and saying they're dying? 

Well, a chick named April is spilling all the beans in her Instagram comments and on Facebook. 

This April chick supposedly leaked the audio 
of Maco allegedly telling his ex La La he's dying
In the screenshots below,  April clearly says Maco's current girlfriend and ex girlfriend have been infected by him. 


Why did April leak the audio?

According to April, either Maco's ex or current girlfriend was talking crap about her kids so she decided to leak this audio of him having the conversation with his ex girl La La. 

April also claims Maco is "spreading AIDS in ATL," and said she exposed him because, "it's for awareness."

Check out some of the screenshots I grabbed below from this April chick (IG: @ogmuvaa_nyc) responding to people in her comments:

Check out this old tweet from OG Maco from 2010
Maco tweeted this yesterday
Maco's supposed current girlfriend, Nique  
Nique uploaded this photo on her Instagram yesterday
and captioned the photo:
"Find sum to do don't mention me."
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