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What's Beef? Stitches Gets Knocked Out And Arrested After Beefing With The Game! (Video)

Miami rapper Stitches continues his feud with The Game 

Stitches popped up at Story nightclub in Miami late Thursday night (Dec. 3) where The Game was celebrating his birthday with friends. 

The Game posted this message before all the drama went down
Stitches apparently couldn't get into the club, so he waited outside for nearly an hour and posted several videos to his Instagram, taunting The Game and calling him a "pussy."

People leaving comments on Stitches' Instagram and instigating the situation
The Game's manager, Wack 100, winded up hitting Stitches outside of the club and knocked him to the ground. Wack 100 also reportedly got tased by the police after punching him.

In the end, Stitches winded up getting arrested, according to bystanders. 

Anybody who can tattoo his face like this guy,
obviously doesn't care about life
Lol, just saying
Peep all of the footage from last night below:

Some of the captions that went along with Stitches' videos 
of him calling out rapper The Game
The Game is STILL talking shit
This was posted earlier today (Dec. 4)

Will Stitches and The Game ever settle their petty beef?
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