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Blac Chyna Low Key Shades Heather Sanders On Snapchat And Later Denies It, Says Blogs Are Reaching

Blac Chyna hit up Harrah's Pool After Dark in Atlantic City, New Jersey over the weekend and showed off a series of Snapchats of her partying and low key throwing some shade. 

Lately her "bestie" Amber Rose has been hanging out with rapper Drake and Chyna and Drake supposedly had some thing going on in the past. Was Chyna low key shading Amber in these Snapchats below as she talks about loyalty, watch: 


Blac Chyna, who recently had a Snapchat war with her ex friend Heather Sanders, (click here if you missed that) uploaded more snaps later on that evening and even said, "b*tch looking like Rocky out here" and "whose ass you gone beat?" 

I definitely sensed some shade because Heather was working out and boxing on Snapchat earlier that day (Jan. 2). 

Then, I guess Chyna saw blogs were talking about her snaps and she made more saying she wasn't shading anyone: