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Chris Brown Denies Punching Woman, Says He'll Be Rich From Lawsuits Against 'Crazy Individuals'

Is Chris Brown in trouble again!

Over the weekend, news broke that Chris Brown allegedly punched a woman at a Las Vegas hotel. 

According to numerous reports, police are now investigating claims that Liziane Gutierrez was assaulted by Breezy after allegedly sneaking in her mobile phone into a private party he was holding in his suite at the Palms Casino Resort. 

Well, Breezy denies the woman's claims and said, "obviously somebody is looking to get a check or start some sh*t."


Chris' reps say this woman is making up a story after getting kicked out of the party, according to TMZ. 

Chris also pointed out in the video above that this chick is known to start drama with celebs. She previously got into some mess with singer Jason Derulo after he refused to take her to a Hollywood party, TMZ reports

In a later post, Chris added, “Keeping my circle small in 2016! I’m done taking the care of grown ass men."
“And I’m going to be hella rich after all the lawsuits I file from these crazy individuals who keep lying on my name. Happy NEW YEAR! Time for some of us to grow the f*ck up!”
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