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Don't Ask A Woman If She's Pregnant When You Don't Even Know Her, It's Rude AF!

Yesterday, I posted up a picture of Black-ish actress Tracee Ellis Ross heading out to the Critics Choice Awards. She uploaded a photo of herself from the side showing off her beautiful gown.... then here comes along one commenter asking if she is pregnant! Really?

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Just last year a lot of social media users speculated that Tracee's mother, Diana Ross, was pregnant as well when a photo surfaced of the legendary singer out and about with a rather larger midsection. 

Turns out the 71-year-old singer is not pregnant and just gained some extra pounds which happened to go to her stomach area.

When I saw the commenter asking if Tracee was pregnant, I got a little pissed off because women are judged so harshly when they're not a size 2. 

Also, if you don't know the person PERSONALLY, then you should NEVER, ever ask if the woman is pregnant or say "congratulations" because IF they happen to not be pregnant, your congrats can come off as an insult. 

You never know what people are going through and they may also have health problems. For example, what if the woman has fibroids which causes weight gain? 

Or, maybe the woman is just eating well. So I posted:

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So, do yourself a favor... don't come off like an ass (by accident) and ask a woman if she's pregnant. Thank you!

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