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Jealous Friends: Tamar Braxton Gives Great Advice, "Stop Putting Everybody In Your Friend Category"

Keeping It Real, Jealous "Friends"

The Real co-hosts were having a girl chat on the show recently about jealous friends. Jeannie Mai said, what if that friend is just going through something at the time. Tamar Braxton cut in and said:

See Jeannie this is the problem. You gotta stop putting everybody in your friend category. Stop that, number one. Because everybody is not your friend, everybody isn’t wishing you well. Everybody don’t want you to succeed and do good.”

Yasss! Preach, Tamar!

Some people thought Tamar was a bit mean with her delivery, but I think she spoke nothing but the truth. 

Watch out for those who don't clap when you're winning! Sometimes these "friends" are undercover haters. 

Check out the clip below:


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