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7 Things We've Learned So Far This Season From 'Love & Hip Hop New York' Star Cardi B.

Love & Hip Hop New York newbie Cardi B. is very animated, very entertaining and is overall funny as hell! 

I love how she keeps it real and is not ashamed of her past. Yeah, she used to strip, yeah she has crooked teeth, but she's LIVING and she doesn't care what others have to say about her! 

Below are 7 things LHHH viewers can learn from one of our new favorite new reality stars:

#1) We should love ourselves, flaws and all ... but, if you're looking to distract people from one part of your body, just flaunt another part:

#2) Hood chicks, classy chicks, regular chicks... doesn't matter, everyone can learn to be classy-ERR!

#3) Rep where you're from and let the world know! 

Cardi has nooo problem letting people know she's that chick from the Bronx.

#4) Just be you, keep it 100 and be a "regular, degular, shmegular, girl."

#5) If you're feeling a dude but he has a girl, tell her! She deserves to know, right? LOL. What's poppin'? ....

#6) It's very important to exercise your mouth! 

#7) How long should you have beef with someone? ... ForeveRRR!

HA! Thank you for all the tips, Cardi!

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Check out more footage of Cardi B. below in a recent interview where she explains how stripping changed her life:

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