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Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Work Out On Snapchat And Continue Revealing Their "Relationship"

Everybody, welcome the newest addition to the Kardashian family ... Chyna Kardashian! LOL!

According to TMZ, Rob Kardashian has been living with Blac Chyna in her home for the past week!

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Yesterday, the new couple were working out together on Snapchat. Although we didn't see Rob's face, we know that was his voice all up in Chyna's Snap! 

The two of them were also spotted in public together for the first time in Rob's Bentley. (See that photo HERE).

Rob also posted another picture of Chyna again on his Instagram earlier:

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Is it just me... but, I'm secretly rooting for these two to have a baby, lol. It seems like Chyna is helping Rob get back into shape and helping him build up his confidence. Good for them!

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The Kardashian sisters would be soooo pissed! Hahaaa!

Chyna knows she's being messy and she loves it!

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