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Stevie J Claims He Dated Khloe Kardashian, Calls Joseline Hernandez "A Hoe" For Hanging Out With Rick Ross During His 40th Birthday Celebration (Video)

Stevie J recently claimed him and Khloe Kardashian used to mess around back in the day!

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star recently revealed in a podcast interview with "Don't Be Scared" that he dated Khloe in the early 2000's when she used to be his assistant. 

Stevie was discussing his relationship with wife, Joseline Hernandez, when he said that if they ever divorced, he would most likely date outside his race. 

The hosts then asked Stevie if he had ever dated a white girl. Stevie confirmed he had and then suggested he was talking about Khloe and said, "She's in that famous family"
He also said, “Khloé is a good friend of mine. She’s a sweetheart." 
“She’s definitely official,” he added. “And the reason why I f*ck with Khloé is because of what she’s doing with Lamar [Odom] right now… that’s the Khloé I know. She’s really going to make sure somebody’s alright if she’s rocking with them.”
Stevie married LHHATL Joseline Hernandez but it seems like that relationship may be a wrap!

The reality star/producer started tripping over pictures of Joseline and rapper Rick Ross posing together at Rozay's star-studded 40th birthday celebration last night. 

Stevie posted about it, called Joseline a "hoe" and revealed their relationship is over. 

Stevie also addressed the rapper in the now deleted Instagram post and said, "I thought we was cool" and he named dropped Rick's ex, Lira Galore:

Stevie then posted a video message saying he wasn't tripping (but he was):

Ha! He has thee nerve to say "it's a respect thing." I'm cracking the hell up right now... Really? "Steebie" gives his "beefcake" to the world but now he's mad? Boy bye!
I'm sure him and Joseline will be alright, let Mona Scott give them a paycheck. They'll make their relationship work. 

Check out more video clips below from Rozay's 40th birthday bash last night:

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