Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dafuq!? When Did Fur Fingernails Become A Thing To Rock?

Unsanitary ... is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at what can possibly be the next trend, fur nails.

Yes, fur nails (I'm making a face as I type this).

I don't understand a lot of these fashion trends, but this nail one is definitely over the top.

I first saw the fur nail photo above on my Instagram feed and thought, "what the f*ck is that on their nails? That's unsanitary."

Then I Googled 'fur nails,' I saw articles about this being the IT nail trend to do.

Umm, I'll take a f*ck no for $200, Alex. Lol.

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Also while Googling, I read that these nails debuted recently during New York Fashion Week.

Oh, of course, during Fashion Week! Where else would you see things like this? 

Let's hope regular, day-to-day chicks don't actually rock this style for two weeks like they would their normal manicure.

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