Thursday, February 11, 2016

La La's Playlist: 53 Sexy Striptease Songs To Perform To

Happy Valentine's Day! Throw a little spice into your bedroom routine...

Your ultimate playlist: Over three hours of sexy and seductive bedroom music!

Valentine's Day is coming up and for those in relationships, ya'll have homework to do... I want ya'll to perform, yassss! I've compiled a playlist of sexy songs below. 

If you've never danced for your significant other, then you're missing out! Now is the time... put on that sexy outfit (or wear nothing), bust out those sexy moves and show them what you're working with!

You don’t need 6-inch heels or a pole for a striptease. And, you don't have to memorize a Beyonce or Magic Mike routine. Just be creative: grab a chair, dance on the bed, use the counter, hump the floor, dance on the wall, use handcuffs, do whatever feels sexy to you. 

Bonus: If you're flexible (raises hand) bust out those splits too!

And, if you're not the greatest dancer, just dress sexy, move those hips a little, touch your body and his body... give him a lap dance (a plus). 
The important thing is to feel comfortable, relax and just bring the sexy out. Remember, confidence is key. 

The first time I performed, I felt awkward and scared like I was being judged. Now that I think about my first time, I realized my nerves got to me and it really wasn't that serious. To calm my nerves, I even giggled a little which made him smile then I knew I had nothing to worry about (I also drank some wine ... just a little! Don't wanna get sloppy during the performance). 

I'm a dancing pro now! *wink wink*

Wanna make things even more fun? Take turns performing and while your significant other is dancing, throw a little cash their way (yes, like in the strip clubs). 

Just twirl on that chair and on him
I included a wide variety of songs in my Spotify playlist below that are really fun and sexy to take your clothes off to. 
There are a couple of classics for the grown and sexy, like Sade's "Is It A Crime" and Babyface's "Whip Appeal," a little sexy reggae with R. Kelly's "Slow Wind," and I also threw in a couple of faster songs in there like Teyana Taylor's "Maybe" and The Weeknd's "Or Nah" and "In Vein" (but really, The Weeknd's opening part is just the best in this song, till about the 2:16 mark). 

You'll also see a couple of Beyonce, Rihanna, R. Kelly and Ciara songs in there as well. 

I even included songs for the guys, I didn't leave ya'll out! Sexy songs like Neyo's "Mirror," Chris Brown's "Take You Down," Miguel's "Pussy Is Mine," and of course, there's that classic Magic Mike song, Ginuwine's "Pony." 

Tank's "Emergency" is a little on the slower side, but I've personally seen a performance to this and I must say, it's a great song to get you in the mood. 

Marques Houston's "Naked" is also a very good song, unfortunately it wasn't on Spotify for me to include in my playlist below. 

La La's Ultimate Striptease Playlist:

My Personal Favorite Song

My absolute favorite stripper performance song of all time is Rihanna's "Skin" (song #6 in my playlist). This song just says and does it all for me. 

This is a great song to start off wearing some clothes ... dance ... and when you hear those lyrics: "no heels, no shirt, no skirt, etc..." start taking your clothes off.
I'm telling you, "Skin" is HOT, a true winner in my book! 

Watch these sexy videos below 
for some inspiration! 

If you have any more sexy striptease songs or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment below.


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