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'Love & Hip Hop' Star Dirty Feet Pete (Peter Gunz) Discusses His Triflin' Ways

Leader of the creep squad and the 'I ain't shit crew,' Peter Gunz a.k.a Dirty Feet Pete made his way to Power 105.1 'The Breakfast Club' show this morning.  

The Love & Hip Hop New York star discussed his complicated relationship with his wife/side chick Amina Buddafly (dumb dumb #2) and his side chick/baby's mother (dumb dumb #1).

"When's the last time you wore a condom?," host Charlamagne asked Peter. "'87 or '88?"

Charlamagne made another joke and said he was gonna have to disinfect the microphones and that the other host Angelayee should take her birth control. LOL!

Peter also said during the interview that Amina is more talented than Mariah Carey, instrumental and song writing wise.


Watch below: 

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