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Natalie Cole's Family And A Number Of Celebs Are Disappointed With The Grammy's Tribute

Every year, The Grammy's and many other award shows include an in memoriam tribute to remember those in the music community who have passed. 

Multiple Grammy Award-winning singer Natalie Cole passed away Dec. 31, 2015 due to congestive heart failure. 

Cole's family and number of celebrities were not pleased with the tribute for the late singer and they don't think it was enough.

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According to Yahoo! Music, Cole's son Robert Adam Yancy and her sisters, Timolin and Casey, are not pleased that The Grammy's didn't give Cole her own special segment of the program, like David Bowie. 

“Here is a woman who has been in the business for four decades, had 21 Grammy nominations and won nine Grammys,” Yancy told Entertainment Tonight. 
“She deserves more than (to be a part of) a minute-and-a-half tribute. It was shameless the way they minimized her legacy. We will find solace in her legacy as well as her endless fans around the world.”
A statement from Timolin and Casey echoed the sentiment:
“Sadly a forgettable tribute to Natalie Cole. Words cannot express the outrage and utter disappointment at the disrespectful tribute, or lack thereof, to a legendary artist such as our sister.”

Actress Holly Robinson Peete also spoke on her disappointed with The Grammys in not doing a tribute for Cole. 

Holly also schooled Stacey Dash and said:

"Hopefully BET awards will do an amazing tribute to her. PS: Stacey Dash: that's why we have the #BET Awards when people of color do not get properly tributed on a mainstream award show then we celebrate them ourselves... see how that works??"

Empire star Jussie Smollett posted a similar message and said Natalie Cole should have been recognized and shame on those who thought otherwise:

Lee Daniels posted his disappointment as well and said: 

"Disappointed in Grammys... Come y'all ... She deserved a better tribute #9grammyswon really???"

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