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Old Audio Resurfaces: Ray J Says Kim Kardashian’s Va-Jay-Jay Smelled Terrible

I'm not sure why this resurfaced, but it has...

Old audio recently resurfaced of R&B singer and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Ray J saying Kim Kardashian's va-jay-jay stunk.

Ray J, who stars in that infamous sex tape with Kim (who is now with Kanye West), once said in an interview that Kim once smelled so bad that it made him seek medical attention:

“I went to the doctor and I asked the doctor, ‘Is it me?’ And he was like, ‘Nah.’ And I’m like, ‘Listen, check me first. OK, I’m good. What’s up with my girlfriend’s coochie? It’s ridiculous’.”

The reality star even said he told his sister Brandy about Kim's smelly downstairs. 

Oh goodness, lol. Peep the audio below:

As if the whole Kanye and booty hole story wasn't enough last week, now this resurfaces, lol.  

Ray J, who is now with Princess Love, just tweeted a response about the old audio resurfacing and he said:

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