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Sage The Gemini Ain't Sh*t! Jordin Sparks' Ex Exposed As A Liar In This Alleged New Leaked Audio

In this new leaked audio, Sage The Gemini a.k.a Dominic Woods is allegedly getting exposed by his ex. The woman posted a YouTube video titled "Sage the Gemini is a liar." 

In the leaked audio, we can hear the woman (his ex, so she says) having a 22 minute convo with a man whom she calls Dominic (Sage's real name). Sage recently split from singer Jordin Sparks and seems to have cheated on her. 

It seems like this alleged ex of his used to be in prison and Sage can be heard saying he spent a lot of money on her, was there for her during her hard times, he also says he loves her and says the relationship with Jordin Sparks wasn't real. 

Sage's ex posted this message on her Instagram page:

It seems as if Sage cheated on his ex with his dancer and with Jordin while in a relationship with her.

"You don't trust me because you don't trust yourself," the woman says to Sage. "How do you put your penis inside me without a condom on but then you go through my phone? Either you trust me or you don't."

Seems like Jhonni Blaze was unto something when she commented Sage is a cheater (see link below if you missed that story!) 

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The woman goes on to talk about how Sage got into a new relationship with "this girl" [Jordin] and Sage responds:

"Those are pictures!" he says in the leaked audio around the 12:15 mark. "Everything was f*cking horrible, like that sh*t was f*cking dumb. She got on my nerves, I wanted to stab her..." 

He doesn't say Jordin's name, but it seems like he's talking about her.


After this audio got leaked, Sage made his Instagram page private. #Suspect

You can't text or even talk on the phone nowadays. Chicks are taking screenshots and recording convos, ha! Listen to the full audio below:

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